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“Did a great job keeping us informed and showing…
July 16, 2019

Selling one’s home can be a very upsetting and overwhelming experience. Sometimes it can be exciting and relieving. But, whatever the emotions that one feels, it is always best to have a realtor who can recognize from the outset what the client is feeling, and develop a course of action that will sell the house in accordance with the seller’s wishes.
Ashley McIntosh and her colleagues from Douglas Elliman recently sold our oceanfront property on the north side of the island. Right from the very start, I knew that we had made a good decision to enlist Ashley’s assistance. She explained to us that we would receive customized service that would receive worldwide attention. Over a period of several weeks, we were presented with information that positioned our home in the most advantageous way possible. Video footage and photographs were taken almost immediately, and a custom web page was created just to showcase our beautiful home. Throughout our conversations, Ashley was direct, honest, encouraging and positive. She was sure that our house, which had been on the market for four years, would sell during the 2018-2019 season. I was impressed with her level of confidence. A true professional and a very hard worker, Ashley kept us informed of the numerous showings that had been scheduled and the responses that were received from the potential buyers. Within three months we had an offer that was worthy of discussion. After agreeing to a final sale price, Ashley negotiated the contract and easily handled all the pre-settlement requirements set forth under the terms of the contract. It was a relatively seamless process, and we are thankful for her time and attention to all of the details that she readily handled.

Ashley is a seasoned professional who is intimately knowledgeable about Palm Beach real estate. An advocate for her clients, Ashley never waivered in her belief that our home would sell during “season”. I highly recommend Ashley as one of, if not the most, premier realtor in Palm Beach.